Entry #1

Hardest Video Game Ever??

2015-09-09 19:28:48 by TheSlag

This is just so mind boggling ridiculous that Nintendo released this game in the first place. But then again when it comes to Nintendo, the only time they really seem to bend the knee is when it comes to even more powerful Japanese men. Well love or hate it, here's Takeshi's Challenge.



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2015-09-10 00:12:10

I've got 2: all the Star Wars games for the 32X, which were locked on arcade uberhard; Phantasy Star II, if I had kept playing it (20 years), I likely would've beaten it by now, maybe, the leveling up was fucking ridiculous... took me a month to reach level 7... I think it was one of the first Sega games to have a battery in it, to save games, idk, I'm old